Issuu is a digital publishing platform that is used by a large number of publishers to publish their magazines, catalogs, and newspapers. Issuu includes an inbuilt exceptional browser that allows for life like browsing of magazines. It also includes an ability to download a published document in PDF format. Issuu allows the publication of a large number of documents. It boasts, as of date, 33 million monthly readers with over 2.4 billion impressions a month and nearly 250, 000 new publications per month. Issuu has won various awards including being one of the TIMES top 50 websites of 2009 alongside such websites as Google, Flickr, Facebook.

Issuu implements a highly realistic and customizable viewing of publications which includes items such as portfolios, books, magazine issues, newspapers, catalogues, brochures, reports and various other print media. Issuu integrates itself with various social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to promote publications uploaded onto its website. The publications on Issuu can be viewed online and downloaded if allowed. The view itself of the publication is animated with page flips and can be easily viewed in any web browser on a full screen. It is an immensely popular website that also allows users to engage with the publications and publishers thus allowing the publishers to build and increase their audience. Continue reading


on the PDF and its continued and mysterious supremacy

A BBC article on the format that will not die, despite its many flaws:
The PDF is dead, long live the PDF

OS X Intro

New to the Mac environment?  Want to touch up your skills on OS X?  Take a look at the following tutorial.  Originally made for a Visual Communication Technology course at BGSU (an updated, edited version for U of M will be made available soon), this PDF will take you step-by-step through the Mac operating system.  Simply download the file and open using Adobe Reader (do not open using Preview).  It will open full-screen and will guide you through Apple OS X.

Please visit our wiki to download the tutorial:

Print Friendly

Print Friendly is a tool that enables you to have more control over printing web pages.  Sometimes when you go to print an article, the advertisements, footer, etc. get in the way of the information you wanted to print in the first place.  This service gets rid of all the unwanted clutter and makes the printed page easier to read.

To use it, you just copy the URL you want to print and paste it into the box on the Print Friendly site.  It will automatically enhance the page for printing, but also allows you to delete other sections you may not need/want.  There is a toggle to turn images off/on and also an undo button.  When everything is the way you want it, simply click the print button or save it as a PDF.

A useful tip is to save the bookmarklet to your bookmarks toolbar.  This way, you can just click the button to use the current page and don’t have to worry about copy/pasting.