SlideRocket brings web presentations to iPhone and iPad with HTML5

Since the dawn of time, traveling professionals have sought easier ways to present on the go. Pico projectors! Netbooks! Converting presentations to video to show them on iPhones! Then there was Keynote on the iPad, and it was good. Not great, however: presenters with libraries of PPT content have had to convert them over, and keeping your decks up to date with the latest and greatest from the sales department is a drag. Wouldn’t it be better and easier if there was a nice cloud-based solution that played well with Mobile Safari?

Enter SlideRocket’s new HTML5 player; the freemium web service now supports playing back (not editing) presentations on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with full-screen video, a handful of good-looking builds and transitions, and all the analytics and version control you want. While the normal SlideRocket player requires Flash or AIR to show content, this one works fine without them. Continue reading


Google Goggles

When Google introduced a downloadable image recognition application for search based on pictures taken by handheld devices, anticipations to identify virtually anything pullulated significantly. After releasing this app for Android-powered phones, the company recently announced that Goggles is now a feature of Google Mobile app for the iPhone.

The exciting app already lets users speak their queries, and can use their phone’s location to give them more relevant search results. In this newly unleashed version of Google Goggles, users can now just tap on the camera button in order to search. This way, Goggles will analyze the image and highlight the objects it recognizes, reveals the official Google Mobile blog.

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§pecial Çharacters

Ever want to use special characters in a document, blog post, or tweet?  I’ve got just the website for you. is a simple website that allows you to click on any of the available special characters (they are copied to the clipboard automatically) and then paste them into whatever you’re working on.

There are also a few extra features to this site.  If you want to copy more than one character at a time, either hold “alt” on a PC or “option” on a Mac and click on as many characters as you want.  They’ll all be copied to your clipboard so you can paste them in any application.  The website even works on the iPhone, so all of you mobile “tweeters” can easily add smiley faces and snowmen to your posts.