Google Goggles

When Google introduced a downloadable image recognition application for search based on pictures taken by handheld devices, anticipations to identify virtually anything pullulated significantly. After releasing this app for Android-powered phones, the company recently announced that Goggles is now a feature of Google Mobile app for the iPhone.

The exciting app already lets users speak their queries, and can use their phone’s location to give them more relevant search results. In this newly unleashed version of Google Goggles, users can now just tap on the camera button in order to search. This way, Goggles will analyze the image and highlight the objects it recognizes, reveals the official Google Mobile blog.

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New Google Docs

I don’t know how we missed this update, but on April 15th, Google debuted an updated Google Docs editor with real-time collaboration!  One of the biggest issues people have had with Google Docs is that it takes a little while for the edits to show up on the collaborators’ screens.  Not anymore!  It now updates in real-time, similar to Google Wave.

Check out Google’s blog for more information and instructions on how to enable this and other new features: A rebuilt, more real time Google documents

Google Buzz

How to Manage a Group Project in Google Wave

The mere promise of Google Wave inspired a rainbow of potential use cases, but Wave’s best real-world use boils down to this: it helps a group get things done together. Here’s how to manage a group project in Wave. Continue reading

Embed Google Books Selections in Web Sites, Blogs

This interesting little article from AppScout details a bit about Google’s new options for their Google Books engine.  Most interesting is that:

Google has added a section to Books that includes a link and embed code for easy placement, much like the options available on YouTube videos…Google also improved the search function within each book. If you search for a certain word within the text, for example, Google will return image windows that include the entire sentence for more context. Click on the image and you’ll be taken directly to that page.

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Firefox Smart Keywords

Smart Keywords are an easy way to search websites right from the Location bar. Say you visit The Internet Movie Database (IMDB) all the time to look up things. You go to and click in the search box and enter whatever you’re searching for, and click Search. Lots of clicking, lots of steps.

With an IMDB Smart Keyword, you can type imdb Rachel Bilson into Firefox’s Location bar and hit enter and be taken right to the result.

Smart Keywords screenshot

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