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How to Manage a Group Project in Google Wave

The mere promise of Google Wave inspired a rainbow of potential use cases, but Wave’s best real-world use boils down to this: it helps a group get things done together. Here’s how to manage a group project in Wave. Continue reading

Google Wave Explained in 2 Minutes

Have you heard about the latest and greatest thing from Google, Google Wave?  Many people have but don’t really understand what it does.  The demonstration videos are rather lengthy, so I decided to post this unofficial YouTube video some fans created.  It’s a brief explanation of what Google Wave is and why you will want to use it (presented in a rather funny way).

§pecial Çharacters

Ever want to use special characters in a document, blog post, or tweet?  I’ve got just the website for you. is a simple website that allows you to click on any of the available special characters (they are copied to the clipboard automatically) and then paste them into whatever you’re working on.

There are also a few extra features to this site.  If you want to copy more than one character at a time, either hold “alt” on a PC or “option” on a Mac and click on as many characters as you want.  They’ll all be copied to your clipboard so you can paste them in any application.  The website even works on the iPhone, so all of you mobile “tweeters” can easily add smiley faces and snowmen to your posts. is an excellent tool for online collaboration.  As stated on their website, you can “use to privately share your files and collaborate in real time by web, email, phone, mobile, and more. Create each drop in two clicks and share what you want, how you want, with whom you want.”

The user can create a custom name or have one generated automatically.  Once the “drop” has been created, other users can be invited to join.  If multiple people are viewing the drop at the same time, they can communicate in the chat room and view all changes in real time.

Feel free to play around with the test drop I created here:

Update: The upcoming Google Wave seems like a similar concept.  I’ve signed up to be enrolled in the beta.  If I get accepted, I’ll be sure to post about it here.