Mobile Apps

These are apps & services that we have tried, tested, recommend & even use ourselves.

iPhone/iPod Touch Apps

+  App is designed for both iPhone & iPad
*   Separate iPad version also available

Productivity Apps

Air Mouse ($1.99)
Turn your iPhone into a wireless mouse for your computer—you can even use it as a Powerpoint remote.

Ambiance ($0.99)
Ever need to get work done in a busy office?  Give this app a try.  It is an “environment enhancer” that allows you to download and listen to ambient sounds.  There are currently 26 categories of sounds and new ones are added almost weekly.  Not sure about it?  Give the free version a try first.

Documents to Go ($9.99-14.99) +
This app is basically Microsoft Office for your phone.  Includes a Mac/PC compatible desktop version for 2-way file synchronization.

Dropbox (Free) +
Dropbox is a service for your computer (Mac or PC) that basically acts like a virtual thumb-drive.  After signing up for an account and installing the software, a new drive appears on your computer that you can add/remove files to (just like any other drive on your computer).  The great thing about it is that the files automatically sync to any other device running the software, iPhones included.  Go here to sign up for the free service and then check this page out for tips and tricks (and here for even more)!

Evernote (Free!) +
I could wax on poetically (and have!) about the potentially life-changing nature of Evernote, a digital notebook application.  It is a brilliant match for the iPhone, Blackberry and Palm Pre.

Sleep Cycle ($0.99)
The best way to be productive during the day is to get a good night’s sleep the night before.  This app helps you do just that.  It analyzes your sleep patterns and wakes you when you’re in the lightest sleep phase; leaving you refreshed.  Your sleep patterns are saved as visual representations so you can see exactly how you’re sleeping at night & for how long.

Stanza (Free) +
A free digital book app, with access to over 100,000 books and periodicals that you can download and ready straight from your phone.

ToodleDo ($3.99) +
ToodleDo is an online to do list and task scheduler that allows you to get your task list anywhere, especially when you download their iPhone app. The online service is free, although there is a premium upgrade you can pay for.  The iPhone application is $1.99.

WordPress (Free) +
Update your wordpress blog from your phone!  Doesn’t get much more mobile web 2.0 than that.


AroundMe (Free)
This handy little app uses the GPS in your phone to tell you what services–gas stations, restaurants, stores, etc—are in your current vicinity.

Epicurious (Free)*
Like to cook?  Need suggestions for meals?  Want something that will also create a grocery list?  Epicurious is the app for you.  It will do all the above plus let you save favorites.  Content comes from the Epicurious website and you won’t be disappointed.

Flight Track ($4.99) +
Traveling for a conference?  Get real-time flight statuses, weather updates and route maps from around the world.

Graphing Calculator ($1.99)
Turn your phone into a high-resolution function plotter and scientific calculator.  Easy as π.

GroceryIQ (Free)
An excellent grocery list app that not only lets you put in any item, but also the quantity, weight, price AND what store you want to buy it from.  You can even email the list to someone else.  It will also use the phone’s camera to scan UPC codes.

iFlashReady ($0.99)
While the iPhone seems to have/do just about anything, one feature it’s missing is a flash for the camera.  This app does an excellent job of brightening your subject but keeping the brighter areas of the photo (typically the background or sky) at a normal level.  It’s incredibly fast and has 3 different flash settings.  In my testing, it does a much better job than the free flash apps so it’s worth the dollar!

Photobucket (Free)*
That’s right–an iPad/iPod/iPhone friendly app for the popular photo sharing site.  You can search Photobucket’s media library, download any image to your device, create and manage albums, upload photos and email or share links to images.

Photogene ($2.99) *
This is basically a slimmed down version of Photoshop for your iPhone/iPod Touch.  You can use it to crop, correct colors, correct the exposure, add effects, and even sharpen your photos.  While it’s not a Photoshop replacement, it is especially good for those who share photos directly from their iPhones. UPDATE: Adobe has a free app called Mobile which has similar features.  See below.

Photoshop Mobile (Free)
Edit photos on your phone with a mobile version of Adobe’s image-editing software.

Yelp (Free)
An excellent way to find the best businesses and restaurants in the area.  There are user reviews, maps, contact information, and even augmented reality.  What does that mean?  It means that if you have an iPhone 3GS, you can simply look around with the camera and information will pop up visually showing you what is around.

1Password ($6.99) *
Too many passwords that you can’t remember?  Keep them all in this handy and secured list.  Instead of juggling 32, 546 passwords, you’ll only need 1.

Fun Apps

Aardvark (Free)
Ever come up with a question while you’re out and about but don’t have the time to look up the answer?  Instead, make someone else do it!  Aardvark’s website allows users to ask/answer any question they can come up with.  This iPhone app makes it even easier by allowing you to ask/answer questions on-the-go.

Mint (Free) is an online budgeting and finance service that is often considered one of the best financial services websites around.  Keep track of your accounts, your spending, your budget and all the ways you can save through either the website or this handy iPhone app.

Pandora (Free) +
Don’t be alarmed–the contents of this particular box include rhythm AND groove.  Pandora is a free online radio service that allows you to create your own stations based on your own particular tastes in music.  Get the iPhone app and you can take that service with you anywhere.

Shazam (Free) *
Possibly one of the greatest iPhone apps on earth.  You know how you’ll be out somewhere, perhaps in a restaurant or store or even in your car listening to the radio and a song comes on that you love but don’t know the name or the band…never fear, Shazam is here.  Turn it on and it will actually listen to the audio around you and pretty accurately tell you not only what the song is, but the singer, album and direct you to the iTunes store where you can buy it.  Even works in fairly crowded/noisy rooms!

SnapTell (Free)
This is similar to Shazam except it work with books, CDs, DVDs, and video games.  Just take a snapshot of the item and you will receive price comparisons and links to reviews.  It works very well (as long as you have a decent data signal).

TweetDeck for iPhone (Free) *
An easy Twitter client for your iPhone.  There’s also a desktop version if you’re a hardcore tweeter.

iPad Apps

+  App is designed for both iPhone & iPad
*   Separate iPhone version also available
~  App will project

Productivity Apps

Daily Notes ($4.99)
This handy little journal app simulates a beautiful leather-bound notebook, organized with colored tabs, tags and calendars.  Has dynamic search options, a password lock, allows photo attachments and PDF exports. – Dictionary & Thesaurus (Free) *
Need a dictionary/thesaurus for your iPad? Look no further! It’s free, it’s fast, it’s easy, and it will even read the words to you.

Dragon Dictation (Free) +
Instead of typing everything on the virtual keyboard, why not let the iPad do the work for you? Simply speak and this app will convert your voice to text so you can quickly “type” an email or note!

iBooks (Free) +
If you want to read books on your iPad, iBooks is the way to do it!  Created/designed by Apple, this electronic book reader/store is the perfect way to read while on-the-go.  It even creates virtual bookmarks to you can go from your iPad to iPhone to iPod Touch to iMac to iMicrowave without losing your spot! (Okay, maybe I made that last one up…)

idemoweb ($1.99)~
This app allows you to project websites you want, and even has support for bookmarks.

Local News by Fwix (Free) *

Mashable (Free) *
Mashable is the world’s largest blog focused exclusively on Web 2.0 and Social Media news.  Now, access it in a format designed for the iPad!

MightyMeeting (Free)*~
Manage and present Powerpoint presentations directly from your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone.  You can also use it to start online meetings and participants can join in using any device with a web browser.

Sorted ($0.99)
Easily and quickly  create and organize lists.  You can even email them out to others.  Easy to use, simple interface, efficient.

StumbleUpon (Free)
StumbleUpon is basically channel surfing, but on the internet.  After signing up for a free account, you tell StumbleUpon what your favorite categories are and it automagically pulls up web pages that may be of interest to you!  You can then thumbs-up or thumbs-down pages so it can quickly learn what you like and dislike.  An excellent way to kill some time!

The Early Edition ($4.99)
An RSS reader that simulates a newspaper.  You can input any RSS feed or pull in feeds you’ve already subscribed to via Google Reader and easily flip through the “pages.”  Also allows you to separate feeds by categories and just read “sections.”  It gives you a stripped-down version of the article but also allows you to view the original page and associated links and content within the app as well–you can even copy the links, open things in Safari or send the content on to Instapaper.

Twitterrific (Free) *
Use Twitter?  Use Twitterrific!  The iPad version has been designed to utilize the larger screen and makes it easy for you to catch up on the Twitterverse.

Wikipanion (Free) *
Here’s an easy way to view information on Wikipedia from your iPad.  It’s much more user friendly than simply going to the website and allows you to bookmark pages of interest!

Zinio (Free) +
Zinio is basically iBooks but for magazines.  View many of your favorite magazines digitally!  The library is constantly being updated, so if you don’t see your favorite magazine now, be sure to check back.


Adobe Ideas (Free) *
This is a free drawing application for the iPad.  It lets you use your finger to doodle or draw on photos.  The nice thing about this app, is that it smooths out the lines you draw so they look nice and clean.  Recommended!

AppDeals (Free) *
Looking for free apps?  Perhaps you’re waiting for a certain app to drop in price.  AppDeals is a tool that helps you find the latest sales in the App Store!  Just fire it up to see what apps have dropped in price or perhaps see what’s available for free.

Atomic Web Browser (Free) +
Safari works well on the iPad… but it’s not perfect.  Atomic Web Browser offers some features that Safari does not: tabs, in page search, full screen browsing, private mode, image block, color themes, search engine plugins, and more!  It’s free, so give it a try.

Database (Free)
Database does exactly what you think it does… creates databases!  Add information to your databases and share with friends/colleagues.  Features Google Docs integration.

Kayak (Free) *
Looking for cheap flights?  This Kayak app brings the power of the website to your iPad.

Keynote ($9.99)
The power of Keynote on your iPad!  Create and present Keynote presentations while on-the-go.  Quite the powerful application!

Netflix (Free w/ subscription)~
If you have a Netflix subscription (or decide to purchase one), you will definitely want this app.  Netflix allows you to stream any of their content straight to your iPad.  Watch movies and TV shows anywhere you have Wi-Fi.

Pages ($9.99)
I was originally a bit skeptical about not only this app being $9.99 but also about word processing on the iPad in general.  After using Pages, though, not only is it totally worth the money but it works beautifully.  Once you’re used to the iPad keyboard, or if you have the keyboard attachment, you’re all set to create word documents, posters, whatever.  You can even open documents originally created in Word or Pages on a regular Mac or PC computer and the files you create on the iPad will work on a regular computer as well.

Photos (Free)*~

Pcalc (Free) +
For whatever reason, Apple left the calculator app off of the iPad.  Fix that with this free calculator app.  While there are numerous calculator apps available, this is our favorite.

Photopad (Free)
Think Photoshop… but free… and on the iPad.  Works great!

Popplet Lite (Free)
Popplet allows you to jot down ideas in the form of a mind map.  It’s very intuitive, especially since you’re using a touchscreen.  Use this app to plan out a trip, a homework assignment, or even dinner!

Safari (Free)*~

Wakelight HD ($2.99)
This alarm clock app tries to wake you slowly and much less painfully than a regular alarm clock, by slowly displaying a bright happy picture combined with light, nature-centric white noise.  The trick is to make your body think the sun is coming up so that you awaken naturally.  It also has a nice, bright clock for when you wake up wondering what time it is and allows you to display multiple timezones as well as news RSS feeds.

Fun Apps

1000 Ultimate Experiences ($3.99)
Based on the book by the same title, 1000 Ultimate Experiences takes you to some of the most amazing areas around the world.  Get inspired!

Toy Story Read Along (Free)
This is Disney Pixar’s attempt to create an interactive children’s book for the iPad… and it works.  It includes smooth animations while reading the story to you or your children.  Going to be gone for the night?  Record yourself reading the story so your child can play it back while you’re away.  It even includes games!  Definitely worth checking out.

We Rule (Free) *
I’m sorry. I’m sorry for posting this game… because if you download it, you will be addicted.  Think Farmville, but for the iPad… and better.  Create a kingdom, grow gardens, construct buildings, and keep expanding.  Highly addictive!!  You have been warned.

YouTube (Free)*~


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