on the PDF and its continued and mysterious supremacy

A BBC article on the format that will not die, despite its many flaws:
The PDF is dead, long live the PDF


Blackmagic Video Recorder

As digital technology becomes increasingly affordable, many of us want to digitalize our older analog media that may be sitting on a shelf quietly degrading away as the years pass. The Blackmagic Video Recorder, designed for people who have a large [DVD], analog VHS or Video-8 collection and want to create digital copies, comes with all the pieces you need to copy those tapes to your computer.

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Draw on and Annotate Any Web Site

The Markup.io bookmarklet turns any web page into a whiteboard where you can draw, type notes, and easily share your annotations with others.

From any web page, click the Markup.io bookmarklet to get started. Markup.io’s editing tools are layered over the site and you can draw shapes, create text notes, and alter the size of text, borders, and lines. When you’re done you simply click Publish and share the URL with your friends, coworkers, or anyone else you want to share your annotations with. Anyone who visits the link can view your notes and choose to respond, either layering their notes over yours or creating a fresh MarkUp. The people you share the link with don’t need to have the bookmark, Markup.io gives them a quick summary of what’s going on, invites them into the editing process, and automatically loads the Markup.io editing tools.

[via Lifehacker]


Google Goggles

When Google introduced a downloadable image recognition application for search based on pictures taken by handheld devices, anticipations to identify virtually anything pullulated significantly. After releasing this app for Android-powered phones, the company recently announced that Goggles is now a feature of Google Mobile app for the iPhone.

The exciting app already lets users speak their queries, and can use their phone’s location to give them more relevant search results. In this newly unleashed version of Google Goggles, users can now just tap on the camera button in order to search. This way, Goggles will analyze the image and highlight the objects it recognizes, reveals the official Google Mobile blog.

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Enjoying the ProfHacker Carnival

I always enjoy reading ProfHacker from The Chronicle of Higher Education.  The quick insights into triumphs and challenges other educators encounter as they teach and use technology is almost always timely and useful.  Today’s post is more like the Tips and Tricks session at a conference — there is going to be at least one thing that is useful.  Visit the Teaching Carnival!  If there is something there that perks you up, let us know!  Maybe you will become a frequent visitor to ProfHacker too?